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Culture versus Fangirls
Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I've been wanting to write this blog for a long time and I think I'm fully ready for it. I've stretched,c causing me to look at my homemade bulletin board, filled with Super Junior, Epik High and Kpop lighsticks. My mouse has run over my Tablo background to hit my Tumblr page, where Hangeng makes a heart at me smiling, only to see the devastation that has caused me to write this blog. Groaning, I grabbed myself a bottle of water smiling at Nishikido Ryo who takes up 50% of my wall space in my bed room, made my way back to my computer corner where SHINee and Eunhyuk cheer me on as I start to write. My iTunes is blasting Magic Power and a lot of Xie He Xian with subtle hints of Show Luo and Fahrenheit. As you can clearly see my life is completely full of Asia pop. A lot of teenagers/young adults are in the same boat as I am-in love with a complete different part of the world.

But as I type I still have one question on my mind. Are we in love with the exact same thing? Well I'm going to say no. But by the looks of it, right now, you think I'm full of crap. If you are a Kpop/Jpop/Cpop fan ask yourself this: How did you find this type of music? For me, I was researching how to speak Chinese videos on Taiwan versus Chinese Culture when I stumbled upon Fahrenheit, which then lead me to Youtube clicking until I fell in love with DBSK and Super Junior, only to find myself a few months later drenched in a musical style I couldn't get enough. I'd sit there smiling watching these idols dancing, but then Epik High found their way to me, and my opinions changed COMPLETELY once again. A few months down the road I met my best friend through Fahrenheit who introduced me to a whole new kind of Jpop than I was use to. Since I was about 10 I loved Anime and Manga. I'd look up theme songs trying to sing along, so I knew Jpop, but I never new it like this. Now I'll stop here- how did you roll upon Kpop/Jpop/Cpop? Similar? I hope so. Well now here is this one: Why did you stay?

I'm not going to lie at all, staring at very cute boys and pretty girls is a bonus but the reason I stayed? I found their mannerisms, traditions, and where they came from so intriguing. Not only am I in love with the music, it's their culture I can't get enough. I'm not trying to learn Chinese, Korean, Japanese just to speak to my idols. While it would be nice to walk up to them and speak their language, I think it's more respectful-but I'm not learning it just because of my idols. I want to go to those small villages and talk to the people to see what their Culture and History has showed them or taught them. I'm more interested in walking the streets of Nantou Puli, asking the elders of the village their history rather than running around in Taipei looking for Show Luo or Fahrenheit.

On my Tumblr I reblog a lot of things that deep down piss me off. All I see a lot of the time is: SEOUL I'M COMING. SOUTH KOREA I WANT. SOUTH KOREA I NEED YOU. But why? Are you really interested in visiting this country or are you wanting to got here to see your idols. South Korean isn't only known for it's boybands you know. Have you ever researched their history? Their culture? Do you know what Chuseok is? Do you know what Chinese New Year is? Do you know what the Lantern Festival is? Do you know why people wear Hanbok/Hanfu/Kimonos? Do you know their culture? Do you understand it? Because honestly, people who run to these countries without knowing anything give people like me who are trying to study it a bad name. I'm not trying to bash these people or not make their dreams come true--if your dream is to go to South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China than who am I to stop you. But seriously think of learning the culture before making an idiot out of westerners.

Another thing that I absolutely can't stand is the shallow minds. I see a lot of people saying they want to marry an Asian boy--but I doubt they really do. Tell me, when you think of Asian what pops into your mind? Korean? Japanese? Chinese? Hold it! Are you thinking Taiwanese or Chinese? Do you know the difference? What about Malaysians? Vietnamese? Thai? East Asia doesn't just consist of Koreans and Japanese. I've talked to people where they just want to date a Korean--that's not Asian. That's Korean. There is a difference. And some people don't even count China!

Close mindedness doesn't help the fact that we look like idiots when we go overseas. I'm going to stick out, hey I'm short, overweight, I have tattoos, and blonde hair-but that doesn't mean I can't speak their language. I get so many questions about where I want to go after I finish college. I smile and say "Taiwan" they look at me all "Why do you want to go there?" I'm pretty sure every one thinks East Asia is full of despair, it has to be when they follow saying "It's bad over there." I even had someone tell me not to go to Taiwan because their Communist! COMMUNIST!? My Writing 2 professor in college told me Taiwan was like Hawaii to China. Do people even know what they are talking about? I bet a lot of Kpopers are reading this wondering where Taiwan is--they see it all the time when their idols go overseas but do they really know what/where it is?

See! This is what I'm talking about! Fangirling has taken over a culture that I love, and I'm afraid by the time I get there ready to learn more about these beautiful cultures everything will be gone, and I'll be walking down subway stations full of Kpop this, Jpop that, Cpop there. I'm afraid when I get to Seoul people will laugh thinking I'm just another fangirl to see their Idol. I'm so scared that when I head to Singapore people will smile and say I've hit the wrong section of Asia. The worst of it, is I don't want to head to Taipei and Tokyo and be laughed at because other westerners have left a bad name for my race. Maybe I'm just being over critical but I believe if you are going to enjoy a different part of the world's music, you should also try to understand their culture, their history and not just their language. I would suggest actually taking classes rather than learning it alone through dramas, TV shows, and music videos. Take pride in this area of the world you love. Watch what you say, it mind offend someone. Are you really into Asians or just a certain type of Asian? Do you really want to visit these countries, or do you want to go see your idols?

TL;DR Fangirls have taken over delicate cultures which can be easily insulted, making it hard for those of us who want a life out East for the culture and history--not just the idols.


EYK Input. Super Junior's Music Videos
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

oday I thought if Simon and Martina want input on Super Junior, eh, I’ll give it to them. To start I’d like to state my place so this doesn’t sound too biased. My favorite entertainment company in Kpop is SM by far. I enjoy all of their bands, I’ve been a huge Super Junior fan since Don’t Don came out. I see no wrong in saying “SM has superior groups”. Most SM groups have been super successful: H.O.T, DBSK, SJ, and SHINee and SNSD are on the rise.

As far as Super Junior music videos go, as an ELF, every time they make a comeback I’m always more entertained from the teasers. The teaser videos always give me something to work with, and something to dream about: but I always know that the music video is going to be the same. Honestly, I think it’s because their first Dancing-In-A-Box (or DIB as I like to call them) music video was Sorry Sorry. Twins, had them dancing in a box, but it showed off the boys for the first time. A lot of first videos have the members dancing being cute; and it works. But once Sorry Sorryblew up Asia the DIB style kind of stuck.

SM was taking a risk chance doing a DIB music video, and because it was so successful (because of the song, and dance) Sorry Sorry changed SM’s perspective of Super Junior. It’s You was released, and it was a flawless music video (one of my favorites by far), it had the DIB style but also the story plot. I totally agree, with that many members, you have a way higher chance to pull off a mini-movie type of MV. It’s You is the perfect example of this. You see each member breaking up, being let down, fighting with a fictional girl, it works COMPLETELY for them. No Otheralso followed the style in a cutie form, but personally I didn’t find it as powerful as It’s You.

Well, since It’s You was part of the comeback for Sorry Sorry it really doesn’t affect the reasoning behind SM’s move. I’m pretty sure they smiled at the wad of money they received from Sorry Sorry and instantly thought: Hey! Sorry, Sorry was catching and all we did is put them in a box with cool lighting. Lets boost up the sex appeal and do it again. Not only do we save money, we’ll make twice as much with the new followers we got from Sorry Sorry. BIG MISTAKE.

As much as I love watching ‘my boys’ dance in a box, showing me their sexy faces and bodies it just doesn’t work for me. There is only so much of dancing in a box I can handle. But the problem is, the songs are still catchy as f*ck! So not only am I going to continue to watch the MV’s for the sexy party time, I’m going to watch them to jam loudly smiling as I see my bias pop on screen. In a business sense it’s a smart move: Save money, while making money. But trying to get new fans, or pleasing the old ones, it sucks. Oh, what I’d give to see a Mini-Movie MV again. Give me a SJMSuper Girl or even a SJH Cooking? Cooking! HELL I’D EVEN TAKE A MARRY U. Just give us a break from the DIBs. It’s all we ask.

Just because it was successful once, doesn’t mean it’s always going to work. Mr. Simple was a good MV because of the complicated dance movies, and the way it changed with each style: not because it was a DIB.

TL;DR: DIB MV’s are a cheap way to sell expensive boys. More profit.

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